Frequently asked questions

Potential students often ask us the questions below. If we have not answered one of your questions please use the contact form on our Contact Us page or call us on 01482 323344.

"What is the advantage of doing an apprenticeship rather than a full-time college course?"
You train alongside practising hairdressers in a real working environment. Therefore you are much more likely to gain a job in the hairdressing industry after completing your apprenticeship.
"Is there an employment advantage of doing my apprenticeship through Pride Academy rather than another organisation?
We are totally focused on training our apprentices to a level where they are employable as a junior stylist, and will support them in their employment goals."
"Can I do work experience in the salon to see if I like it?
Certainly, yes. We do taster days to introduce you to the industry as well as the apprenticeship system. Also some salons will give you a Saturday job prior to the apprenticeship."
"What happens if I am dyslexic and do not perform particularly well in my written work?"
Our Academy will give you full support with any obstacles and learning difficulties.
"Do I need GCSE results to do my apprenticeship in hairdressing?"
No, although if you are awarded C-grades or higher you are exempt from the Functional Skills element. But remember it is always helpful to have the highest qualifications possible as this is a Level 2 course. Grades you achieve are also seen on your C.V. so the best you can do the better!
"Where would I be doing my theory training?"
All theory, on-line testing and practical work will take place in Pride Academy.
"What is City & Guilds?"
City & Guilds is one of the world’s leading examining and approval bodies for vocational qualifications. It is recognised worldwide.
"Am I employed and do I have the rights of a normal employee?"
You are employed by the salon you are working in and have all the normal statutory employment rights of any staff member.
"What is an NVQ?"
NVQ is an abbreviation of National Vocational Qualification Diploma. It is a work based qualification.
"How long does the course last?"
It can range from 18 months to 2 years depending on your individual progress.